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By CGregoryRun

Overall Impression

This is a good app that can be better. It is presented as a preschool app, but preschoolers may find themselves frustrated playing without supervision. My first-grader enjoyed playing, but I have not found him playing without me suggesting game play. My kindergartener who has classic autism was not engaged enough to complete a section. I recommend this app to elementary students at the first and second grade levels, but not for younger.

Overall Rating: 3 

Appy Ratings (Appy’s):

  • Educational Value: 3 
  • Entertains/Engages User: 3  
  • Customization/Settings: 1  
  • Value for the money: 2  
  • Ease of Navigation: 4
  • Quality of Graphics: 4  
  • Overall Rating: 3  


  • Game
  • Teaching Tools


  • Letters
  • Matching
  • Sorting/Categorization
  • Spelling

Age Group:

  • Pre-School (Age 4-5)
  • Lower Grades (Age 6-8)


Wee Kids ABC is a circus themed app with 7 levels that progress quickly from matching letters to   corresponding pictures, wordsearch, crossword and a word guessing game similar to hangman. The graphics are smooth and colorful and the interactivity is not overwhelming to the content.

Some sections were difficult, even for me, so be mindful that although the game is rated 4+ and it is a very childlike theme, the content is geared for older grades.


  • This app performs well technically (meaning all interactivity reacts as expected) however, it needs a little fine tuning to make this one that I would recommend for the $2.99 price tag. In future versions, I would like to see some custom features such as game progress, setting skill levels and correcting at least one spelling error that I saw while reviewing. (“xylophone” was spelled “xilophone”). I would also encourage the developer to consider a different reward between levels as it currently has a bomb being lit and exploded, which is by no means realistic, however, it may deter app sales to schools given our current sensibilities. Fireworks or an elephant shooting confetti out of his snout could easily replace the current reward.

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** seven new activities with hundreds of words
** fantastic orginal images
** captivating bright colors
** engaging sound effects

Wee Kids ABC – from letters to words – is an educational game for children, truly exciting and unique in its kind!

Play with circus performers, increase your language and spelling skills by moving between letters and words with colored graphics. It’s fun and most of all filled with innovative and intriguing games.
You will try and “Catch the letters!” by racing the quick bunnies.
Practice searching for words in the trapeze nets.
View all the letters of the alphabet and select your favorite images to help associate and remember the letters.
Be immersed into the world of your language with beautiful musical effects.


-> Reading and writing activities, alphabet, Vocabulary, word – image association.
-> Created for children aged 5 years and up.

*** For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase ***

Wee Kids ABC is part of the Wee Kids series dedicated to linguistic elements.
Parts of this application can be found in the Wee Kids Compilation – COMING SOON




About CGregoryRun:

  • CGregoryRun is a mom to three who loves trying apps for her kids to learn.


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