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Description from Developer

★★★★★ The best "first" board game for little kids
A winning combination of simplicity and fun gameplay make this the most enjoyable memory board game for little kids.

The premise of the game is really simple - each player (of up to four) has a suitcase with six different items. Each of these 24 items is represented on a small card. The small cards are turned face down and players take turns to turn the cards over. If the card is one of theirs, they put the card in their suitcase. If not, the card is turned back over and the next player gets to pick a card.

The game involves finding all the cards that go into your suitcase. The best way to do that is to remember where other items from your suitcase are if the other player has previously turned them over.


✔ Great multi-player game for little kids
✔ Teaches little kids to take turns
✔ Simple enough for 2 year olds and fun for the whole family
✔ Bonus round teaches categorization "where are you going?"
✔ Develops memory and retention skills
✔ Shows kids the importance of paying attention
✔ The multi-player mode makes it fun for the whole family
✔ Fully customizable so you can experience the game in daddy's or mommy's voice


At the end of each game, the winner gets a bonus round where based on the items they packed, they have to guess where they are going. This is always a big hit with the kids!


✔ Gorgeous pictures keep kids engaged
✔ Over 100 fun items that kids get to put in their suitcase
✔ It's easy enough where even a two year old can win the game!
✔ It's fun enough where even six year olds will enjoy playing the game!
✔ Builds attention and concentration skills
✔ Helps kids to improve their working memory
✔ Helps to sharpen young minds


✔ You decide whether the winner gets to go again or whether each player gets one turn per round max.
✔ You can turn the bonus round ON or OFF
✔ You can fully customize all cards and audios and change everything to your own native language!

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