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  • Reviewed by Sharon Turriff, Parent on 2013-06-23 17:19:42

    Lulu in Polynesia. This is a wonderful app for teaching your children about different cultures. It teaches native languages, sights to see in Polynesia, local songs and wildlife. It is an interactive story book that has your children participating in the story the whole way through. My daughter loved this storybook. She loved the cute characters and gorgeous pictures. I love how in the Lulu books they use a local form of transport for Lulu and Zazou to stay in and travel around for their week away. I think these books are a lovely way to teach children about different cultures, it makes learning fun. There are no IAP's but external links are not locked.

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    Description from Developer

    Explore, play, and read with Lulu & Zazou by Zanzibook

    All aboard for a thrilling trip to Polynesia! Your child learns all about the archipelago while playing, reading, singing, listening, and taking part in activities on every page.

    Through a rich, diverse interactive content that is both fun and educational, readers discover the charm and unique dimensions of this country that so many people dream of visiting one day. Young readers crisscross Polynesia in a pirogue. Over the course of their travels, each reader will make tropical flower necklaces, take part in an outrigger pirogue race, prepare a Tahitian salad, catch coconut crabs, send a postcard to the person of his or her choosing, sing a Tahitian nursery rhyme, and even dance the tamure.

    This multifaceted book is designed by a team of youth ebook publishing professionals and is the second volume in the Lulu & Zazou collection. The books’ heroes, a little girl and her cat, are travelling around the world. Having explored Australia, The Amazon.
    There are so many things to be discovered that young readers will want to peruse the book several times through to experience all the riches and secrets it holds.

    The Adventures of Lulu & Zazou will appeal to children ages 3 to 10.

    - Description
    15 illustrated and animated worlds.
    The explorer’s map. A practical tool the child can use to go directly to the page of his or her choice, or to a favorite game.

    All pages are interactive.
Two languages: English and French

    Six mini-games

    Sound can be muted at any time
Easy, intuitive interface

    Reading time: 25 minutes, and the child will read it again and again.
    Universal app, runs on both iPhone on iPad

    Collection: Lulu & Zazou

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